A Cuppa a Day – 4 Reasons to Love Tea

Your morning (or evening) cup of tea is about to get a lot more refreshing. Those tiny tea leaves that uplift your mood and clear your blues are loaded with numerous health benefits.

Detoxify with Chai

A cup of green tea won’t just help you with weight loss but is also helpful in detoxifying your body. Green tea and black tea contain nutrients that prevent cell damage that can cause stroke, heart attack and memory loss. Tea is a staple in the Chinese and Japanese diet, and the occurrence of heart disease is much lower when compared to their western counterparts.

Say Tea!

Save a visit to the dentist because tea can help you get rid of plaque build-up and yellowing. Tea contains fluoride, which is found in most toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. Tea should now not only be a part of your diet, but also your dental routine.

green tea

Tea for Immunity

Tea is packed with polyphenols and flavonoids, which are anti-oxidants that help our body fight problems like the common illnesses like flu food poisoning, infections, nasal congestion etc. Now you know what to do when the common cold is in the air! These anti-oxidants also slow down the progression of cancer, diabetes, and neurological disorders.

Beauty and the Tea

Tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can clear acne and leave you with a healthy skin. It also keeps blood sugar and insulin levels in our body under control, both of which are directly related to acne outbreaks. What are you waiting for? Put on the kettle!


Having discussed all the benefits tea has to offer, it is important to note that chai as most people like it, with milk, does not provide the same benefits. Milk negates all the benefits of tea, blocking the functions of the anti-oxidants, leaving your cup of tea with no real health benefits.

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Make lemon iced green tea with basil seeds: